Replit Custom Domain Set Up Issue

Question: Need help setting up a custom domain i’ve bought, i can’t find where i can do that after replit was updated, before in html or other projects in the webview i could see a ‘pencil’ that i could click on and this would give me the steps for setting up the domain, but now i don’t see anything similar to that…

Hey @Dzigi2000 welcome to the forums!

The reason that traditional custom domain linking on Replit was removed is because traditional hosting is being removed from Replit. It is being replaced by deployments ( You can link a custom domain to deployments. Repls require a paid plan/connected credit card to host but will still be able to have custom domains (so long as the repl hosts a website).


@SalladShooter so now custom domain can’t be set up for free, but only for deployments, right?

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This is correct, the deployments will act as always-on so you don’t have to worry about it turning off.

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