Replit Custom Domain Issue SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR

Hi there replit users! My domain “” has been successfully verified on my repl. But when I try going into my website with that domain name, it shows the error “SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR”, is this replit issue or my code issue?

Before free domain from replit worked perfectly, and in the preview the website seems OK and running.

i have had this happen to me, i have also seen this all over ask.replit. it’s probably a repl issue. if your using cloudflare it might be that when i used it the same thing happened then i just used freenom’s hosting.

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It usually resolves itself within 24 hours of linking the domain.


hey, in case the above solutions don’t work,

if you use cloudflare, try using fullstrict mode in ssl settings:
Full (strict) - SSL/TLS encryption modes · Cloudflare SSL/TLS docs

It’s because replit’s own hosting uses the strictest SSL so your cloudflare needs to match that.

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