Replit Creates and community

Can’t we publish to community more than once per day?

  • Today I already published on replit community
  • I’ve just created one template for the today’s replit creates prompt(Build something for a stranger) and I perceived that the publish button was hidden
  • I tried creating other repls and the same issue

So, is it a problem or we can just publish once per day on community?

If we can publish only once per day, I have 9 repls to post to community to replit creates, if I could pubish one per day from tomorrow, I couldn’t finish before this month and would lose this challenge(not counting the next prompts)

Hope I could describe clearly the problem :smiley:

I do not see any restrictions on publishing repls to community in the docs. Also no need to publish repls for creats all you need to do is go to the cover page.

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Hi @nullmetry I think that there is a new setting that the repl has to exist for a few hours before it can be published. This is to reduce the amount of spam that was being pushed to the community.

Could you try publishing the repls after two hours (maybe tomorrow if it’s too late today?) and let me know if this works? If it doesn’t then please let Replit Support know at

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Hi @ethan it’s a recent change to reduce spam

@IanAtReplit Is there a way for users to be exempt from this? For example, if people post a lot of high-quality repls will they be exempt from this limitation?

Hi @ethan no this affects all users.

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Eh, I didn’t know that, thanks

Sorry for the delay

Yeah, I’ll try tomorrow and tell you after

@IanAtReplit Doesn’t work, and I also tried to other files that exists morethan three hours

This bellow, i’ve subimitted to the community in the start of the month, and doen’t appear the update bottom neither

Hey @Ethan @IanAtReplit thanks for the help

Just saw that the button changed the location :clown_face: :person_facepalming:t3:


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