Replit crashes on Pixel Fold

Problem description:
Replit Crashes when opening on Pixel fold. Unfolding after it’s opened doesn’t help. The screen flashes several times before it closes again.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open Replit on a Pixel Fold oriented such that the keyboard is on the bottom half of the screen.

Bug appears at this link:

Google Pixel Fold running Android 13
Replit v2.44.0 (July 10th)

I tried using
set to auto (forced) but that doesn’t help. Nor could I use it to reproduce the problem on non-folding phones.

The app is blacklisted for Chromebooks, but if it were available… or sideloaded, setting the window to resizeable may cause the same crash.

Are you at the latest version of the Replit mobile app?

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Yes, updated OP with version number.

Relevant news:

This is still a problem with the latest version of Android 13 and Replit. Adding Chromebook / resizable window support would probably fix all of this. The quick fix may be setting the main layouts’ orientation to any. Code that expects the up orientation to be portrait could also cause this, through the bug manifests when a primary_landscape device tries to use the app in portrait mode.


Looks like a change was added to force landscape orientation instead of forcing portrait orientation. sometime after 5/16

Here’s a crazy idea, how about not forcing an orientation and letting the accelerometer do its job. On foldable tablets having the keyboard on the bottom half of a portrait layout is much more comfortable. On tablets & phones, portrait is more productive unless you’re tired or have a keyboard dock or a keyboard case.


Closing as the new beta force layout OS feature mitigates the problem… I can now force the portrait layout to be used on landscape. This is a fine workaround until Ian learns about superior Android phones

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