Replit Console Showing Packager Line

How to Remove the packager line in console of replit ? I only want the Run section serially according to my input.
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This can be safely ignored. To disable it, click three dots and Show hidden files, then open .replit file. Insert this near top, then refresh:

disableInstallBeforeRun = true

Supposedly, it was fixed, but maybe only for newly created repls.


Thanks a lot .It worked. But the Run section is repeatedly coming in the console after i add any line in input and run again.Can you help plz ?

That is an intended feature of the console, which was added a while ago. It allows you to view past runs.
If you don’t want to see them, then there are a few things you can do:

  1. Click the Trash icon on the console tab to delete previous runs output.
  2. If your program outputs enough lines in a single run to fill the console, the other runs will automatically be hidden. ( print('\n'*15) at start of program)
  3. Click the dropdown arrow for each run output in the console to hide it.

The fix took longer than expected to roll out, even for existing Repls this should no longer be the case. Please pardon the delay, and thanks for your patience!

An internal change was made to no longer run poetry env list --full-path as part of the packager, so you should no longer see it when clicking Run.

Feel free to remove disableInstallBeforeRun as well as disableGuessImports if you added them to work around this issue


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