Replit console doesn't scroll on Firefox

I’ve been using Firefox and replit. For some reason the console does not scroll anymore. I believe it maybe due to the recent update of Firefox? I tried reinstalling, refreshing, changing security settings nothing. Is there a workaround or a fix? I tested on edge and it works fine. So it definitely is a Firefox issue. I like using Firefox so would prefer to have it fixed and continue using Firefox instead of edge. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

Hi @kongmengxiong47. Seems to work okay for me (i.e., the console allows for scrolling when enough text is present), but maybe I’m misunderstanding what you mean by it “does not scroll anymore”. Here’s my specs:

Firefox 25.0.1 (64-bit)
System Settings - Show Scroll Bars Always

So when I print out to the console. It has a lot of output text. I am unable to scroll with the scroll wheel or there is not scroll bar. I am also using the same version as you. To see the first line of output I have to left click and highlight dragging up to see the initial outputs.


Ok I tested it again. It seems like the scroll works if I move the scroll bar up and down. Once I do I am able to scroll with the scroll wheel. But once I scroll down to the very end it doesn’t scroll anymore. I have to readjust the scroll bar on the right for it to scroll. I hope that makes sense.

@kongmengxiong47 Oh, okay. So you do see a scroll bar - it’s just the ability to use the scroll bar is broken or gets stuck. I’m actually not using a mouse so I’ll go test later on my Windows machine and see if I can reproduce with a scroll wheel.

Ok thank you! Yea that seems like the issue. Only happens when I scroll all the way down. Or when I initially compile code and get the output. It won’t scroll. I have to manually click on the scroll bar and drag it up and down for the scroll wheel to work again.

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