Replit Connection Issue (Please help)


My school used Cisco for there internet firewall replit used to be working perfectly fine until they starting changes stuff with the firewall. Now we have an issue with the site being able to get reached saying something about proxy and the firewall. I ran connection diagnostic and it gave me a warning on local network “Can’t access gateway” passed Name resolution Passed Wifi but failed Internet connectivity Can’t connect through firewall to HTTPS websites. To be honest I don’t think the tech team at my school knows what there looking for I myself am not a cyber security expert and is looking for what I can tell the tech department suggesting a fix to this issue.

Hi @TxieB , welcome to the forums!
Since it seems that your school’s IT department blocks it, try using, which is specially made for education purposes. It’s basically Replit, but with no Community feature and stricter restrictions on proxies and better proxy detection.
Hope this helps!

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