Replit completely freezes when trying to edit

Problem description:
I have a repl that is a bit on the heavier side. I try to edit a file, and the whole page freezes. The repl’s resources are not even close to being maxed out, and the files are not large/have a lot of lines.

Expected behavior:
Should be able to write and delete code.

Actual behavior:
Page freezes and stops responding when you try to write or delete code.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Write or delete code
  2. Page freezes

Bug appears at this link:

Windows 11, Iridium Browser, PC (not low-end)

Despite this, do you have lots of tabs open? I find that everything, especially Replit, starts to lag when I use way too many tabs on my “not low-end” laptop. It could be a Replit problem though.


Hey AJ! Try clearing your cache/clear browsing data and restart your browser and see if that helps! :smiley:


this happens even when i only have 1 tab open

didnt work ;-; i still appreciate your effort tho

I forked your project and I was unable to reproduce your error.

I’m on a Chromebook (low-end lol it doesn’t have much ram, or storage, or anything that makes a device a high-end or even medium-end) but I went around different files and different file types and wrote and deleted some stuff and it saved like normal it page didn’t freeze and I made a new file to test if my page would freeze. I pasted 50 paragraphs (that’s what the generator said) of lorem ipsum and still no. So I believe that it may be a problem for that specific repl (in which you could try forking) or maybe see if that error happens in a different device and browser. Everything was saved for me and it wasn’t laggy/freezing in the slightest when I wrote or deleted code. I also had a few projects and websites open at the same time to test if it would lag, it didn’t.

Also, I couldn’t run your project but I think it’s because of the secrets that you put into it.

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