Replit competing with the wrong rival

Initially, Replit announced that they are “not motivated by competition”.

First, at Replit we’re not motivated by competition.

But from Oct 5 2023, Replit blog has been posting only about Artificial Intelligence:

  1. I’m not a programmer, and I used AI to build my first bot
  2. Announcing Replit AI for All
  3. Replit’s new AI Model now available on Hugging Face
  4. Tabs and Spaces - Smarter Indentation (AI assisted programming)
  5. Showcasing Startups on Replit (AI startups)

It seems to me that, Replit is competing with the wrong rivals…

Replit wants to compete with AI coding programs, such as Starchat and Code Llama, for those who don’t want to learn coding. But we, the coders want a cloud coding & deployment environment, such as Jetbrains space, to learn coding.