landing page & related pages: Outdated info, broken links

The Replit landing page is really outdated.

First of all, a broken link. See below:

That very link:

There’s also another broken featured Repl. Well, kind of. It’s just not deployed, and since is being removed anyway, that part isn’t a big deal.

“Ghostwriter” spotted!

Always On spotted

(This might just be showing that the program is always on, and not that it’s using that feature, but still.)

Scroll down?

What’s this?

Well, this is kind of misleading. The bottom three are just features of Replit.

Ah, here it comes.


Well, what about the main AI landing page?

Well, it doesn’t even show until you log in. Clearly a great way to get people to want to use the feature if they can’t even see what it is :expressionless:

Okay, logged in now :roll_eyes:, and they actually squashed all of the occurrences of the term “Ghostwriter”. :clap:

What about the IDE landing page :thinking:



Also, not even Ghostwriter, but:


If it means like embedding Repls on other websites, then aren’t they getting rid of that feature?


Basically just a ton of stuff that needs to be changed. They should honestly just redo these sites again, especially if I was able to write so much about them.


all of these changes and this complex thing is making me confused; someone should make a recap post for people like me who lost all of their braincells back at New Year New Replit.

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All of what changes? The new features?

I remember hearing this once, but I kinda forgot what it was.


i believe/remember that it was… 1. pricing changes
2. hacker gets nerfed
3. egress
3. IDK i forgot
blog post:
official posts: New Year New Replit | Announcing more power and changes to pricing

community post: Upcoming Replit Changes : Community crisis waiting to happen


and Replit's new Social Features update

Replit’s changing so much in a year that it’ll feel like a completely separate platform after this (if someone were to log in after a year).


I still remember when they said “We do not plan to sunset Hacker”. Lol



Ikr. Last year (maybe an extra half year ago) it felt like it was made by a group of people who had a vision, now it’s just a corporate company who wants money


i remember when replit used to not have files at all :laughing:

They were moving in a good direction, and their users were also following along, but i think it’s the sudden change of path towards a production server + AI which caugh multiple people off guard. even their own staff, hence the term ghostwriter still appearing in their landing page.


I think the AI changes were sort of justified. But many other changes I feel are just detrimental to the community. Such as Teams for Edu deprecation.


That was just them being lazy, saying “this is too much work”

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They didn’t ‘sunset’ the hacker plan, they just changed their plans to only have ‘core’ now. They were just explaining that cycles were not replacing plans, and they have not to this day.