Replit code is weird and white

It doesn’t happen every time but sometimes I will either go to code something myself or look at the code of another person’s project and it will look weird and white-ish

Hi @realwolfpackleader thanks for your question and welcome to the community!

I’d like to take a look at the original Repl if possible. Can you post a link here please?

there is nothing in it I just made the repl but its test - Python Repl - Replit this will also happen to other things such as other people’s HTML and things like that
by the way, I use a Chromebook

I tried to reply to you but it got flagged?

Dont worry it was automotic. Once Ian or another modorator/admin logs on they will say your post is not spam and it will apper.

hi @realwolfpackleader thanks for the link. @ethan was right it was automatically flagged. I forked your Repl and see the following:

This looks correct. Does the visual glitch still appear for you in the original Repl? If so please log a support call by clicking on the “?” bottom left of the Repl screen and select “Report a bug”.

the glitch appears randomly like sometimes it works sometimes its weird, I feel like it might be because of Chromebook Compatability or something

Thank you. Definitely worth reporting to Replit using the ? icon at the bottom left of any Repl in case they are able to replicate the issue.