Replit close/before reload hook

Is there a nixshell or .replit hook for before the reload or when it is closed? I want to save some data in a file before it closes/reloads

Hey @dragonhunter1!

I have asked the team if this is possible and will follow up once I get a reply.

Hi, @dragonhunter1

There isn’t a hook before the Nix environment rebuilds currently. What do you want to save before it rebuilds?


A list of all the packages. The docs do not really help on the .replit package management configuration, so I had to make my own system.

Which packages are you referring to? If you have a public Repl you can share, that might be a quick way to explain it.

Repl here. I’m trying to setup nimble pkgs.

I managed to use the default env vars to save the packages.


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