Replit cannot find existing file

Problem description:
I tell the shell to run main.pyc but it says that main.pyc doesn’t exist even though it does.

Expected behavior:
main.pyc runs and Bash works

Actual behavior:
It says “main.pyc not found”

Steps to reproduce:

  1. compile Python code (using Python)
  2. try to run main.pyc

Bug appears at this link:

try running ls in the console and showing us the output. Did you mean to look in the __pycache__ directory?I visited your repl, and main.pyc is indeed in the “home” dir.

Is main.pyc supposed to be an executable? Perhaps you need to run with a C interpreter?

@SnakeyKing I just found out, although main.pyc might look like an executable, you still need to run it with Python.

./main.pyc # Error
python main.pyc # Shows Hello World!

To compile Python code into an executable, try using pyinstaller:

pyinstaller --clean --onefile --distpath ./ -n myProgram
./myProgram # Hello World!

Perhaps change category to Code Help

[1270] Cannot open PyInstaller archive from executable (/home/runner/py-to-mc/build) or external archive (/home/runner/py-to-mc/build.pkg)

(btw I did build instead of myProgram)

@SnakeyKing Try using a name other than build, as pyinstaller creates a temporary directory called build to build the executable.

EDIT: It seems that pyinstaller is not supported by Replit (GLIBC issues).