Replit buy cycles function crashes when a very large number is input

**Problem description: When Trying to turn on GPU on one of my repls I noticed that I needed cycles to use it. When I clicked on buy cycles, I saw other, and noticed that I can enter any number of cycles.I decided to try to check the limit of max cycles you could buy( why not?), However, the whole repl just crashed.

**Expected behavior: I would have expected the program to give me a notification or error message informing me that the number was too large, or just have the text box max out at a number.

**Actual behavior: The webpage, on my end, crashed

**Steps to reproduce: Open a repl, as an explorer, click on username in top left corner. turn on Gpu, without any cycles. Click “buy more +”. select other. In the text box that shows up, keep spamming 9.

**Bug appears at this link: Rather than the link, I don’t know which link you want, I will describe my repl. I used a python repl which was running dash to to show a chart using plotly from a csv file. the app also gets data to update my csv file, from an instagram api, when certain conditions are met.

**Browser/OS/Device: I used google chrome as my browser, on a macbook Air late 2015.

Hey @AdithyaGopal welcome to the forums!

How many cycles are you trying to buy?

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This is an issue that has been reported before, as this issue is not one that is realistic to be encountered by someone, this isn’t really an issue.