Replit bug? CMD+SHIFT+F (search through all files) not working

Problem description:
I am trying to use the “search through your files” feature (CMD+SHIFT+F/CTRL+SHIFT+F) which is supposed to search through all files in a repl for occurrences of the search term, but in my repl this is not working to search through files in a subdirectory which starts with “.”

Expected behavior:
CMD+SHIFT+F should find all occurrences of the search term in all code files, regardless of subdirectory

Actual behavior:
CMD+SHIFT+F only searches non-hidden files and subdirectories and will not search through files which are hidden, or files which are not hidden but are children of a “.” subdirectory. There are many valid reasons why it could be important to search through hidden files in a repl, so this must be a bug.

Steps to reproduce:
Create a new nodeJS repl (any will do but nodeJS gang)
in the repl shell exec this:

echo "//hello this is a non-hidden file in a non-hidden subdir" >> abcdef.js
echo "console.log(" >> abcdef.txt
mkdir .my_cool_code_files
cd .my_cool_code_files
echo "//hello this is a non-hidden file in a hidden subdir" >> defjkl.js
echo "console.log(" >> defjkl.js

now in the repl, CMD+SHIFT+F and search for “console.log”, you will see the abcdef occurrence but not the defjkl occurrence.

Bug appears at this link: (the good old days)

All affected presumably

Does this still apply if you turn “show hidden files” on? You might want to check that,


Yes, it does. I always use show hidden files as a matter of course.

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