Replit Blocked By School

Could somone go to TimothyClausen and go to the repl BlueWeb and send me all the files
This would help so much just turn it all into zip!!

I have had this happen to me before. Once you get the files, use It is just like replit, but you can’t access other people’s projects, unless you are in a collab or they’re part of your team.

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could you fork my repl and then turn it into a zip file and then comment it to me

Should I attach the zip file?

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yes please and thank you

i will give you cycles in the next week

Thank You!

Hold on, I can’t send files. Understandable. Also, please don’t send me cycles. @CoderElijah, do you know how to fix this?

could you send me a link to the file??

Try this link: Also in the future, please don’t make unblocked games websites. And don’t send me cycles

Don’t put personal stuff on a school account for Replit. People come here all the time with problems because they put stuff on a school Replit account and then got locked out because they no longer had access to their school email. This is a similar issue: OP depended on school to access Replit. Replit has no other solutions for this except the one you proposed,

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I am Matt Whiffer, serving as the Chief Advertising Officer for Timothy Clausen’s trio of websites:, BlueWeb, and formerly known as HackerPanelSmm. Regrettably, I must inform you that the files will be made available at a later date, as access to Replit is currently restricted.

My involvement with BlueWeb dates back to July 17th, and I am in need of the specific BlueWeb files, rather than a mere Replit link. It’s worth noting that BlueWeb will be the pioneer in web browsing, offering access to games, streaming, casino experiences, and chat functionalities – all devoid of intrusive ads, tracking, or viruses.

Thank you for your invaluable time.


Matt Whiffer
Marketing Lead, BlueWeb

Apologies for any inconvenience caused,

It has come to our attention that Timothy, at a mere 17 years of age, displayed some immaturity by relying on a school computer to safeguard the security key along with the associated zip files. Rest assured, our team has successfully retrieved these files to expedite the resolution of this matter.

We regret to inform you that Timothy has already committed $210 towards Replit’s pro plans and has decided not to continue with the service. Your patience and understanding are greatly appreciated.

We invite you to keep a watchful eye on our journey. We firmly believe that BlueWeb is poised to become the next Opera Browser in the digital landscape.

Thank you for your consideration.


Matt Whiffer
Marketing Lead, BlueWeb