Replit Badge For Websites Made With Replit

How would I adjust the size of the Replit badge on a HTML, JS, CSS file?

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My repl

<script src="" theme="dark" position="bottom-right"></script>

You don’t – unless you really want to; if so, go to, then modify the styling to your liking.

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Okay I’ll try that. Thanks. If I can get it working, I’ll mark this as the solution.

I wonder, can you do a styling for this? With CSS? Then adjust the height and width?

Thats what I am trying. I assigned it an id and am in the process of getting it set up to test it.

That didn’t work. Does anyone have any other ideas?

Wait, what’s your code? Where did you put the id attribute?

The badge is just an image, you can style it by styling #replitBadge.


#replitBadge { width: 1000px; }


does the badge have access to my other files? I just did an img selector on my css and the height property affected the badge too…

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Well, basically, you’re loading a script. And that script directly inserts code for the Replit badge. So when you apply custom properties to all images, and since the badge is also an image (afaik), then it will affect it too. The badge is not “contained”; it’s a part of your webpage