Replit automatically adding a sqlite to .local?

Suddenly out of nowhere every time I open up my private Replit repo to code, I see the following added to my .local directly. .local/share/rippkgs-index.sqlite? We don’t use sqllite at all and never added this, but it’s added automatically to my replit. What is this and why is Replit doing this?

Hi @ddsgadget !
The .local appears (IIRC) when you use Nix packages.
It isn’t harmful, and you can run your project just fine.
(If you try to delete it, it’ll just come back)
Hope this helps!

Thanks for the reply. I did notice that when I delete it, it comes right back. If you mind, I have another question, which I can’t figure out with Replix. In one of my Repl’s whenever I run it, Replit precedes the run by installing an npm library called: “lib” in my repl, npm install lib. I cannot figure out why it is doing this. The Repl runs fine, but it’s quite annoying, because I have to delete these files after run. The lib library is not a dependency and not required at all. So I can’t figure out why Replit is installing this prior to every run. Any ideas?

Are you importing a file or folder called lib?
If you want to stop this behaviour, you can ppen the .replit file and add the following line below the entrypoint or run line:

disableGuessImports = true

Hope this helps!


Thank you! Yes, we have a lib folder. Adding the disableGuessImports worked.

I got this too. But in an HTML Repl that I haven’t touched in a while and has no “lib” folder. I’m deleting it

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