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Unable to load my repl website through cloudflare dns connection. It says successfully linked on replit but when I try to load the website ( it says you must be logged into replit in order to access this page. I already tried making my SSL to strict mode, and I have tried a proxied and unproxied CNAME. Please help I have been working on this for a week lol. Also, do I need to add a TXT file to the DNS records? I tried that and it still did not seem to work. It did say a TXT record was required for repl.

Here is a screenshot along with the link to the website.

code snippet

Well, you have probably turned the Authentication service on in the repl.
Try logging in and you will see your website.


So there is no way to link the repl without having to log in to replit everytime? The whole reason I linked it was so that users could visit the website without having to log into replit.

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There are many ways to do this. Did you by any chance use ReplAuth on your website? That will provide a screen like that. Removing ReplAuth will get rid of this page.

You don’t have to buy a domain just to share a Replit website. You can view public Repls when logged out and all web Repls come with a domain ( which works just fine.


I did write any code into the website code to prompt ReplAuth, if that answers your question? I simply created an HTML, CSS, JS template and linked it to my domain on CloudFlare.

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I did not**** write any code to prompt ReplAuth, typo

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In the sidebar, under Tools, there’s a button that says Authentication. Through that, you have probably enabled it. You can also disable it from there.


Thankyou so much!!! I just had to find that one button to save me hours of troubeshooting.

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