Replit auth in nodejs?

I am trying to recreate this, but in nodejs, and so far I cannot get past the IF statement part. I only seem to get as far as logging in and getting the users id, and username.

nodejs auth

that already exists lol.

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I understand that exists, but I am trying to only allow specific users into the website if their replit user id is in the list. That is the part I am trying to get into the nodejs repl, but i cannot seem to figure it out.

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oh I see sorry I never read, well you can just have a repl db entry called like ids and check the headers for X-Replit-User-Id :+1: you probably already know this srry I’m not a help

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Is that even possible with replit db? If so, how do you even check for headers? (sorry im dumb)

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ummm I think you can do with express:


it’s just json so

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oh BTW follow up, you are not dumb


Just a quick question, do I have to make a key for each userid, or just one that includes all of them?

try doing:

db.set("user_ids", ["userid1"...]);

On line 17 you have this: if (user && userids.includes('X-Replit-User-Id')) {, I think you meant to do this: if (user && userids.includes(req.headers['X-Replit-User-Id'])) {

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Sorry for asking so many questions, but how would i check if the userid is in user_ids? kinda like

if (userid in "user_ids") {
  else {
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"user_ids" is a string so the if statement will always return false. Please ensure that you have a basic understanding of Javascript before attempting to tackle this.


If I understand correctly, I did that in node.js at

so maybe this is the code you’re looking for:

const HTTPS = process.env['html']; // The HTML is in a secret so nobody can get it
const users = require('./users.json');

app.get('/', (req, res) => {
  const user = getUserInfo(req); // Repl Auth
  if (users.allowedUsers.includes( {
    // User is allowed, send HTTPS content
  } else {
    // User is not allowed, send 403 rickroll page
    res.sendFile('/403.html', {
      root: path.join(__dirname, './')

for example, this is what users.json looked like

  "allowedUsers": [

the HTML part is optional (it’s what i used to secure index.html) but if you’ll send a file I’m pretty sure you have to change res.send(); because HTTPS variable looked like this:


The main idea is that it’s just HTML, not a way to send a file


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