Replit audio pauses

Problem description:
Replit audio pauses

Expected behavior:
Replit audio to not pause

Actual behavior:
Replit audio pauses after a few seconds

Steps to reproduce:
Run the repl

Bug appears at this link: (small snippet of my game)

Firefox/Win 11/PC


When I tried to run your Repl, there seems to be an error stating that it can’t find one of the files. Do you mind fixing the error so that we can proceed further with your issue?

Hi vrynix, all files are included in the startup. This might be a seperate bug. Try forking the repl, replit audio is unreliable when it is not dev.

Nope, still the same problem.

Ok I fixed the error and I found the reason why the audio stops after some time.

The time.sleep() on your last line is stopping the audio after some time (probably because the Repl is technically not running anymore). So increasing the value seems to continue playing the sound.

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