Replit Audio not working

I have followed the information posted on ( in

The code works in my replit, however when I try to run the replit in an embedded window the code advises it can’t find the audio files. The same error occurs with the example provided on the Replit Audio tutorial.

Replit Profile:

Replit audio is extremely buggy and I would not recommend using it. I’m surprised it even worked inside of the IDE, as I’ve never gotten it working before.


Hey @AhmedPatel7!

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. In our documentation for the Replit Audio, we note that it will not work in embeds or the cover page of a Repl if Audio is not implemented via the .replit file.

If you’re still having issues, could you send me the link to the Repl that you are using so I can take a look?


it doesn’t work for me. when i share it with someone else, that person that i shared with says that it the audio file is not found. why is that and how do they hear the audio in my game?

Hi @lukembrognorobi , welcome to the forums!
Do you have the audio file uploaded into your repl?
Can you make sure that you have the line audio = true in your .replit file? In the Files sidebar, press the 3 dots > Show Hidden Files > .replit.

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