Replit audio not working on macOS

Is supported on MacOS

from replit import audio
from time import sleep

files = [
    '/Users/andy/Music/Music/Media.localized/Music/Unknown Artist/Unknown Album/laugh.mp3'

for file in files:

The output from this is a FileNotFoundError and the file referred to is /tmp/audioStatus.json

MacOS 13.3.1
Python 3.11.3
replit 3.2.7

I’m probably doing something fundamentally wrong but I can’t find any reference to audioStatus.json in the documentation.

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I too get the same error
Btw replit can’t access your local files so you should upload the song to a replit file then play it


I’ve tried before, it isn’t really that good. It took 3 minutes before showing a permission thing and playing the sound. If you want to play sound, try using an HTML/CSS/JS Repl. Also, as @QuantumCodes said, Replit can’t access your files on your computer. You can upload files using a guide by @QwertyQwerty88 here.