1. make a new python repl

  2. paste
    from replit import audio
    source = audio.play_file(‘test.mp3’)


  1. add “audio=true” into .replit file

  2. upload any mp3 file to there, name it “test.mp3”

  3. press run button

Expected behaviour:
Program plays “test.mp3”

Actual behaviour:
Nothing happens, except for the fact that the CPU usage goes to 100%. It will be stuck at 100% forever.

Hi @markzhere

Does the last post in this thread help? How to add audio to replit - #18 by IanAtReplit

@00p0 seems to have made a repl about using Replit audio in python:

They think it is able to be used, once ‘pkgs.ffmpeg’ is added to the deps = list in replit.nix.

Also, Replit audio does need improving.