Replit ask website stolen?

so i was recently browsing the web and i found a website for network soloutions and their forum website looks exactly like replit asks but it was made way before (around 2010 to my knowlage) it has alot of similar stuff and looks identical to ask.replit was a few months ago so i was wondering if replit stole their format for this website

Are you referring to Discourse Meta by chance? If so, they’d look similar or even identical, because they use the same forum hosting software. If that isn’t what you were referring to, could you link to it?


no its not related to this but if it is just a software then thats what it is but the other website just looks like a way older version of ask.replit


Can you show a link to the website?

3 Likes is the website i was brousing it cause im setting up a inhome network preparing to add some servers to my closet

That forum also appears to use Discourse as their forum software, so they’ll look similar.


ah i wasnt aware that it was a public software they were using thanks for clearing this up i was just confused.


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