Replit ask signing into the wrong account after email change on another device

replit ask started signing into another account after email change as it created another account on my other device and i dont know why its doing it i screenshotted it doing this

i even tried to troubleshoot it by changing the email to the account to another email i had and its still doing it how do i fix this? it signed into my windows computer with the correct account

Whats your other account?

*** the account i changed that other account from ***

this account ***
i just got my replit accounts email changed with ironclad on discord

I meant usernames the the accounts

for whatever reason it set the other accounts username to the same name i have set to this account Parker2991

Thats because they are diffrent Replit accounts

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oh well is there a way it can be fixed?

The accounts can be merged, I guess

thats what i kept thinking
im so confused on whats happening rn tbh