Replit ask forum theme glitch

Problem description:
I was browsing through the community as usual when suddenly the theme started to blink/flicker. By flickering I mean, it changes the theme to the original one for some time and returns back to the new theme after flickering.

Expected behavior:
The default theme should be the only theme(also the flickering is bit annoying)

Actual behavior:
Theme flickers back and forth from new to old for a split second and after some random time.
Theme it flicker to:

Chrome 108.0.53 Android

Ironclad is actively working on the theme as we speak type

Yes as @not-ethan said I created aa post about it :smiley:

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Oh sorry, I thought it was a bug and didn’t really saw the new post until now

@pro0grammer Problems with the forum should be in #general and tagged with #forum-feedback. #replit-themes are for

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