Replit Ask CSS glitch?

I wanted to see what the other themes were like on Replit Ask. I know a lot of people hate light themes, so is this on purpose or on accident?
Problem description:
When I change the Replit Ask theme to “Discourse (Light)” it applies “Discourse (Dark)”.

Expected behavior:
I expected the webpage to be white, not black.

Actual behavior:
Click here to view a video of this that I put in a Repl.

Steps to reproduce:
Try to change your Replit Ask theme.

I am not able to replicate this issue, maybe it was a one time occurrence. What device are you using and what browser?

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Firefox on Linux Mint 21. It probably is just some little glitch but at least I know it’s not a joke (I’ve seen the opposition to light themes, even from moderators). I’m content with Replit Dark, but thought this was weird.