Replit app slow on android

Problem description

Replit app is very slow on mobile, the code is laggy the app is laggy, and the terminal is laggy. I have tried reinstalling, resetting the phone and same issue.

Expected behavior

App should work faster

Actual behavior

App is laggy

Steps to reproduce

Open the app, starts being laggy





Device if mobile

Motorola e22, android 12


Free tier

Could you try it on a different phone? It could be because of the type of phone you have.

Iā€™m on Android and it works fine. Could it be the internet connection?

Replit is slow try using a different code editor

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Not necessarily. Replit is normally fairly fast for me.

Replit is a great tool for quick coding sessions, but for larger projects, some dedicated code editors offer better performance

You could try increasing the resources of your repl. (But this is getting off-topic)