Replit App Not Loading Repls

Problem description:
I cannot load Repls in the Android mobile app. I know this has been reported before, but the thread was closed.

Expected behavior:
I expect the Repls to load.

Actual behavior:
The Repls dont load

Steps to reproduce:
Tap to open a Repl.

Bug appears at this link:
No link, it happens for any Repl. I dont have the issue if I access the Repl in my browser, however.

Browser: Opera Mobile (N/A though)
OS: Android
Device (Android, iOS, NA leave blank): Android
Desktop app version (Avatar menu->“Version”) or NA: version 2.53.2
Plan (Free, Hacker, Pro Plan): free


Hi @BusyBird15 !
Can you try forking the repl and see if the forked version works?

I forked the Repl I’ve been working on recently through the app successfully, but this forked Repl also will not load.