Replit app is logging me out

Problem description:

I am experiencing a recurring issue where the Replit app logs me out unexpectedly after closing the app. This behavior has been observed multiple times despite reinstalling the app.

Expected behavior:

The Replit app should maintain my logged-in state and automatically sign me in when I reopen the app.

Actual behavior:

Upon exiting the Replit app, I am consistently logged out, requiring me to enter my credentials again when I reopen the app.

Steps to reproduce:

Open the Replit app and sign in using my credentials.
Reopen the Replit app.

Bug appears at this link:

The issue occurs regardless of the specific Replit link or project being accessed. It is a general behavior of the app itself.


N/A (Android app)
Android app


Android 12

Device (Android, iOS, NA leave blank):

Samsung A12

Desktop app version (Avatar menu->“Version”) or NA:

Replit app version: 2.65.6

Plan (Free, Replit Core):

Free plan

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Sessions have really short lifespans and barely any sessions are allowed at the same time as part of a ‘security feature’. This is no different for the replit app, meaning you will get signed out often. I would recommend you connect your google account so that you can quickly tap ‘Sign in with Google’.