Replit app editor is completely unusable

Problem description:
The replit app is being a nuisance today, and the website isn’t any better. I am not able to get any work done while on mobile.

Expected behavior:
No red and yellow dots overflowing on my screen, and no random movements that hide the cursor and can potentially cause me to mess up my code.

Actual behavior:
Red and yellow dots overflowing onto the screen, and random movements rendering the editor unusable.

Steps to reproduce:
Open editor and start typing (or idling, both options work).

Bug appears at this link:
I’m not sure if this is just me, or if there is just some sort of OS glitch. I’ve included a screenshot below.

Latest version of android, running on the mobile app.

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I cannot reproduce this issue on my Android phone (Pixel 3).

Hi @python660 thanks for your post. You will have to include a link to a Repl which displays this issue for you. Then others in the community can also test the same Repl and see if it can be replicated.

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All of my repls are having this issue. Whenever I use the app, half of my code also magically disappears.

Hi @python660 I’m not able to replicate your issue and you haven’t provided a link to your user profile so the community can take a look. I think (from the screenshot and information you’ve provided so far) that the issue will be device or firewall related.