Replit Android app is permanently stuck in horizontal orientation

Problem description:

The Replit Android app is permanently stuck in horizontal mode. I assume this is a bug because the Play Store screenshots show the Replit app being used in vertical mode.

Screenshot from my phone:

Expected behavior:

It should be possible to use the app in vertical mode on Android.

Actual behavior:

The app is forced in horizontal mode, making it nearly unusable. The keyboard covers almost the entire screen when it is open.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Download Replit app from the Play Store on Android.
  2. Open the app

Bug appears at this link:

Entire Android app


Android 10
Moto g7
Replit version 2.19.4

Have you tried uninstalling and re-installing?

Please confirm that the app version is up-to-date.

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I assume you tried closing the app and reopening (and when you do this make sure to close it on the app overview thing which differs in different versions of Android). Also try restarting your device. I’ve heard from IT people that you should actually shut down and then turn back on rather than just hit “Restart” (it does something differently; I won’t go into details).