Replit Always On Features not coming up

Normally when i hit that square at the top, the option to toggle “Always ON” appears, but recently, it’s just not there anymore. It’s still available on mobile, but when done via mobile, the Always ON gets toggled off right after i turn it on.

I understand the Always ON is being removed, but the way this happened seemed more like a bug and not intentional at all. There something that i did, was done or that happened which caused it to go away like this.

A real solution would be appreciated

Hey @kashiefhenry1 welcome to the forums!

Always-on has been depreciated and replaced with Deployments (which are actually always on and don’t turn off, unless you run out of resources), Static deployments will be free without a credit card eventually (HTML, CSS, and JS) and for the rest Autoscale and Reserved VM. Deployments are more reliable and profitable for Replit as you can’t waste their resources. You can also send out a version and work on another without it updating, if you want to space updates and such. Replit goes more in depth with it. I hope this answers your question!