Replit AI & Twine

Hi, I’m new to coding and currently learning.

I was hoping to create visually stunning text-based games similar to what Vanhya has on Youtube. Her layouts and visuals are wonderful.

However, I’m a poor student and every dollar counts for me. (Hoping to make my story-creating hobby into a minor side income).
Before I invest in a subscription, I’d like to know since I failed to find any specific information about it online. I did ask Bard who told me I could select a Twine template when creating a new project, but couldn’t see one.

Does Replit AI or help tools, assist in writing Sugarcube Code for Twine. If I’ve understood it correctly, it’s HTLM based with pieces of Java and Python so I’m not sure if it can help me auto-complete or correct things If I make mistakes.

Any help and guidance would be much appreciated, thank you for taking the time <3

Hey there, @LucianTiliai! To be honest, I don’t believe Ghostwriter (Replit’s AI Assistant) was trained on Sugarcube/Twine since it’s not a super popular framework or library.

Ghostwriter does have the ability to view files in your Repl, so if you provide it with some example code, it should be able to suggest things related to the example code.

If you would like to purchase and use Ghostwriter without the money coming out of your pocket, you can consider trying out Bounties, which is in-platform freelancing where you can earn Cycles to buy Ghostwriter and other powerups.

Cycles is Replit’s virtual currency which users can use to purchase some paid features (docs).

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