Replit AI: Restore Chat History Delete Feature!

Replit AI is a valuable tool for learning and experimenting, but currently, there is no way to delete previous conversations without deleting the entire Repl, which is a drastic and inconvenient solution. I understand that a delete feature for Replit AI chat history previously existed and was replaced with the Archive tool, but it merely moves conversations to a different location rather than deleting them. I urge you to reconsider the decision to remove the delete feature and to prioritize the development of a tool that allows users to efficiently manage their Replit AI chat history.

The absence of a delete feature poses significant privacy and usability concerns. Replit AI chats may often contain sensitive information, including project ideas, personal details, and confidential code snippets. Users should have the right to control their data and delete this information to maintain their privacy.

Furthermore, a delete feature would align Replit with industry standards and best practices. Many other online services offer users the ability to delete their chat history, providing a consistent user experience.

Replit’s commitment to ethical data practices should include giving users control over their data, including chat history. Offering a clear way to delete conversations would enhance user trust and confidence in the platform.

I believe that restoring the delete feature would be a positive step forward for Replit, ensuring greater user control and privacy. It is a simple change that would greatly improve the user experience and make Replit AI even more valuable.


Hello, @andrii-vasylenko!

Actually, I think the Replit team intentionally made chats un-removable so that you can’t bypass the quota limits.


You can still implement a quota system while preserving a delete feature; just store the amount/size of chats and nothing more (including chat data).

Removing chats would actually help reduce costs (which is why quotas are implemented in the first place). There isn’t anything to hide anyways.

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If there was a delete feature, the quota would clear up.

I will clarify: You can delete the chat contents without deleting a record showing that it was there (used for quota measurement).

Anyway, the point was to find a way to permanently delete chats (whether by an added feature or by a hack), not to argue about the quota “problems”.