Replit AI quota isn't resetting weekly

My quotas are not resetting even after a week + 1-2 days
Is it a bug or something because it has been more than a week :frowning_face:
it’s supposed to reset weekly

It may be every month, I’m not sure

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:disappointed_relieved: Oh man I’m scared if that was it I have a game to code

Again, I don’t know for sure, but what I do know is that it is most likely not a bug (good luck coding your game by the way!)

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It is a weekly quota, so this is likely a bug.

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Thanks for replaying @Firepup650 so… when will the problem get fixed

I’ll re-categorize this as a bug report, then it’s whenever staff fix it from there.

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Hello! I’ve created a support ticket to properly track this issue. I will reach out directly from there. Thanks!


Thanks for your help trying to fix the bug for all users :people_hugging:


My quota have been resetted :grinning: BUT the important question is. IS IT FIXED for all users

Thank you teem replits for your help, now I can develop basic codes to perfect advanced codes for my game in lua

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