Replit AI - External Documentation

Hi all,

Is it possible to add external documentation for Replit AI to consider when generating, similar to how Cursor does it? This is the only reason I have not signed up to pro yet.


To understand how to work with Replit AI (Ghostwriter), you can take a course from Replit on its use:

I am not looking for a tutorial thank you, please look at my question again.

There is a Power Ups section in the Replit documentation. It includes documentation about various paid features of Replit. But since Replit AI became free some time ago, the Replit AI documentation from the Power Ups section has become useful for free users as well.

Link to the Replit AI documentation:

I checked the Replit documentation, but I could not find what I was hoping for. Looks like have to stick to cursor + replit hacker plan, thank you anyways.

@LeventDiken Which part of Replit AI do you need help with?

Lets say there is a new framework out which Replit AI does not know how to work with yet. Is there a way to add the documentation for that framework to Replit AI, such that it knows how to and can generate code, having “learned” from the embedded documentation?

AFAIK there is no way for you to edit the docs, only the staff can do that…
The bot is using OpenAI, so it will have to be trained on that. But are you saying that the ‘Search Replit Docs’ setting is used?

No I am currently using the Cursor IDE, on which I can add external documentation, such that the AI is never out of date really, so I was hoping with Replit AI pro, I can do the same.