Replit adoption for Java classses and resources

Hello, I’m coordinator of the engineering under graduation program of the Instituto Infnet. Since past year , we’ve adopted Replit as official IDE for our coursers focused on our freshmen courses. It’s been a nice experience, and right now we have up to 1000 members in our Education team, between students and teachers. Our first trials were with Javascript and Python, and it worked all right as far as I’m concerned. Now we are implementing in our Java/.Net course, and the student’s first impression is not good. Trying to run the Hello World example, it consumes 100 % of the dedicated vCPU (0.5 vCPU) and takes, in some cases, up to 2 minutes to run (when it runs).

Is there any way for improving Replit’s performance in Teams for Education?

It appears that your EDU org is not verified. If you verify that you are part of an academic organization you will get 2v CPU. You can do it by:

Go to → scroll down to Education → Click on the banner that says Please click here to verify your status as an approved educator. → fill out that form and you should get verified in some time as it goes under manual review by a human I think.


This might be the way to solve ir. However, I can’t see the cited banner anywhere. It does not display on any place inside the teams page. Can you help me?

Odd. I have asked Replit staff to take a look into this.


Sorry the image is not the best. But it shows no banner =( Can you help me? Right now the students are not able to use it.

I’ve sent you a DM @ProfFernandoFerreira

Account has now been verified. Thanks for your help @ProfFernandoFerreira !

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I’m bumping this thread as I have the same issue. I’m looking for the Banner to request a verification of my Education teams but I don’t see it anywhere.

This seems to be a widespread issue.