Replit account doesn't exist

I searched for the replit account username and itv doesnt exist. Proof here :

I can repro this. Can you please report this throught replit?

reported 5 hours ago! Some users are expiriencing the same issue!

Well according to Ian there are a lot of bugs that the team needs to look at. @IanAtReplit can you link this topic to the report?

I noticed this affects all accounts and not only the @replit account.

All? Or just some, first thing I’ve got is that this might affect accounts with : - . Also I doesn’t let you create accounts with that symbol!

Yeah, I know that, but all?

Your account doesn’t show up and it has a -

Now it is reported officially and Replit knows about it

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Yay, Great job made by Replit, thanks @Ethan !

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