Replit 404 page buttons are black when logged out

Problem description

The 404 page of when signed out has two inconsistently black buttons.

Expected behavior

Buttons look like the other ones

Actual behavior

described above

Steps to reproduce

  1. Go to or any 404 page on Replit
  2. Notice the two black buttons up top




Windows 11

Device if mobile




Please upload screenshots

@boston2029 Looks like a light or default theme? Does it look the same in Incognito?
I couldn’t reproduce so appreciate the details so I can see what I’m missing. Thanks!

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The same thing happens to me, but only in light mode.

Light mode:

Dark mode:

My guess would be that since replit just recently changed their UI, they haven’t refined it very much.


That doesn’t make sense

I was in Incognito. I don’t see what difference that would make, as that format of page doesn’t show when logged in (being logged in is the only way to “change to dark mode”).

Hmm, did you try Incognito? Also do you know if the page redesign is rolled out to 100% of users all the same exact version?

Hi there @boston2029 I was asking if it was a light theme or anything customized. Hope that makes more sense. I see @Esb678 mentioned it only occurred in light mode so that’s helpful.

Yes, I use Incognito, but I also have some unique browser settings on this machine. I’ll keep testing on some other machines with no customization.

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You can’t use a custom theme when logged out

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Replit theme versus browser theme perhaps? Maybe I’m using word “theme” wrong. Light versus dark mode kind of thingamajig.

Look, here’s a video of the issue:


I’m also having the same problem!


Thank you all! I’m getting this reported to the team to address.


This should be fixed now. I tested on Edge on my Windows PC, but feel free to test as well @boston2029.

Um, it’s a bit weird now.


@QwertyQwerty88 Can you try switching the browser setting as opposed to manipulating it in inspect? It looked okay to me when I tested. All the buttons were the same color.