Replica of the python shell

The thing
Have you ever wondered, how does the interactive shell of python works? Well here is a 99.999% replica of the python shell written in Python with less than 40 lines, this is useless but not exactly I guess?

Feel free to take a look and find anywhere odd from the original one : )


Ok guys if you wanted to try it out(bro just use the original one why me but anyways)
Fork the project
Fork the project
Fork the project
Because it is important so 3 times
Someone messed it up by using os.system() possibly and installed something that shows an output screen.

Now in cover page you should see the empty output screen instead of the console, that’s the result of the action someone did.
Fork the project and follow the simple instruction on line 11 to make it work, this is now partially unavailable directly

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There’s an easy way to replicate the shell using os.system()

from os import system

yellow = '\033[93m'
reset = '\033[39m'

while True:
	command = input(f'{yellow}>{reset} ')

But uh ok

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Are you sure it isn’t after something that you did? Check if it still shows a black output screen. In future kill 1 in shell should quickly fix it.

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