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My repls stopped working in late December. My repls are no longer displaying content in my ESRI experience builder apps. I thought the issue was a matter of paying for monthly repl core services but I have been unable to resolve. Is there anyone who offers tutoring?

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Hi @SurfBetty , welcome to the forums!
Could you send the link to one of the repls? It is easier to find the problem and solve it.

This is more of a support/code help forum, so tutoring may not exactly fit in here. You may have to seek help elsewhere for tutoring.

I forked your repl and ran it, and it ran fine, with the map displaying.
Could you try forking your repls and run the forked ones?
Also, if you have any sensitive keys or passwords in your repl, store it in Secrets.

Hi Nate, thanks for your response. I did fork both repls and then embedded the link in Experience Builder but only one repl shows at a time. so I am wondering if you are only allowed one embed at a time. The repl team got back to me and mentioned ‘deployments’ that were started in January. Could it be that this has to be ‘deployed’ and the deployment link embedded instead of the repl. Do you know any repl tutors who could look at this with me? Thx!

Ah, yes. The repl has to run for the embed to work. You can click the Deploy button at the top of the editor to deploy the repl. If the repl is a website, deploy as Autoscale or Reserved VM > Web Server. Note that this feature is paid.


“repl of language type html is not supported” is the message I receive when I try to deploy my project. Do you know of any resources where I can find a replit tutor to help me trouble shoot this and get my Experience Builder esri project up and running?

Are you using a Static deployment?

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