ReplAuth doesnt work with Deployments

ReplAuth not working with deployments?

It says " Cannot be found "
I have looked far and wide for solutions, it works on my non-deployed website, but not on my deployed or custom domain.

I use edited base code from the replauth guide docs

<div id="profileDiv">
  <p id="user"></p>
  <p id="bio"></p>
  <p id="rank"> </p>

  <button id="login" onclick="LoginWithReplit()"> Login with Replit</button><br>
  <button id="profileBack"> Back </button>

<script type="module">
    const OGS = ["grosesyt", "ilovegambling", "BMW"];

    const user = await getUserInfo()
    if (user) {
      document.getElementById('user').innerHTML = "Hello " +;
      document.getElementById('login').style.visibility = "hidden";

        document.getElementById('bio').innerHTML =;



    if( == "maxor"){
     document.getElementById('rank').innerHTML = "Rank: Dev";
      document.getElementById('rank').innerHTML = "Rank: OG";