Repl wont stop running - no way to start We ran into an internal error

Repl wont stop, if you click the stop running button it just loads for hours.

It says it’s currently running but if you visit the site or send in a request it just says
“We ran into an internal error.”

Not sure what to do, how can I force stop my repl? Any support who can force stop it? My repl is private but here is the link -

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Try kill 1 in the Shell?

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Sadly not, I try that but then it just leads back to an old post for a different issue on the same repl.

My always on won’t actually keep the repl on.

I also keep running into an issue where it’ll say ports are in use but I am unable to terminate them. I think this may be linked to the always on not working, not sure.

The reason I am believing this is an issue with Replit is that this code has been running fine for over a year but once the file system issue happened it hasn’t been. I could be incorrect though.

Using kill 1 I can get it running for about a couple hours maybe, then ill have to repeat the cycle because the always on will glitch out.

Hey @Crispyyy!

We are deprecating Always-On in favor of Deployments, allowing you to keep your Repl on 24/7 reliably without hiccups. You can find more information on our pricing page and in our docs.


I’m having the same issue right now on replit. It says, “We ran into an internal error” “The repl didn’t wake up in time, please try again in 30 secs” and then it asks me to run it again, and it’s just been an ongoing cycle ever since. Where you able to get yours fixed?

Having the same problem made an edit in one of the files (just a character) and now getting this issue in both. Please help.