Repl was deleted without any warning

I apologize for any bad english in this post, english is not my first language.
Recently, I had a repl on my account which had been running a eaglercraft server for me and my friends which had been originally forked from

I had tried to run the server, but it wasn’t showing in my repls tab. There wasn’t any warning or message sent to me before. I don’t really get why it had been taken down due to that the server does not contain any of the actual client or game of minecraft, only the server hosting part.

Hey there @HaoSun8,
We are sad to say that Microsoft (Parent company of Mojang, creator of Minecraft) have filed copyright claims (DMCA – Digital Millennium Copyright Act). According to Wikipedia, a DMCA is:

It criminalizes production and dissemination of technology, devices, or services intended to circumvent measures that control access to copyrighted works

Therefore, these are going to be banned in the future on replit since eaglercraft allows one to access Minecraft without the restrictions, regulation, and $26.95 USD fee.

“Digital Millennium Copyright Act - Wikipedia”. En.Wikipedia.Org, 2020,
---- Digital Millennium Copyright Act - Wikipedia.

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I understand. But if I am able to, could I at least obtain the world file to the server? It had some builds on it that me and my friends had worked.

I would think that would be fine. You might want to talk to staff about that.

I have asked replit staff if this is possible

Where would you host it? Because I think it is banned on Glitch as well?

If it is illegal, why would you host it at all?

Actually I think github lets you host it lol

Eaglercraft servers, regardless of where they are being hosted, infringe the copyright of Microsoft. We will not be restoring your Repl, or the file requested.