Repl unpublished for Tier 1 blacklisted word--but I have (pretty much) no idea what the word is

This Repl got unpublished:

for “Tier 1 Blacklisted word”

But I have no idea what word it’s talking about…

The description says:

The entirety of the 1883 novel The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood by Howard Pyle. You can visit this site at school to read this eBook, like I did for a book report project.

But that doesn’t look bad…

There is a PDF (the main attraction of the site)

Come to think of it, it says “ass” a few times, but it means like a donkey because this is an 1883 archaic novel.

Was it automatic? Because if not, I’m surprised a mod read all 167 pages.

And if it is automatic, then how could a bot read a PDF in that way? :thinking:


Reach out to the support team of the platform where your REPL was unpublished. Explain the situation, mention that you are not aware of the specific blacklisted word, and request more information about the issue.

Moderation bot doesn’t know that, so that’s probably why.


It’s probably just a glitch.

Okay, I was just surprised that the bot can read the contents of all your Repl files…

And I thought PDFs were in a format that needed a reader like Acrobat or a web browser… so how could the mod bot read it? Did they code that in?

Anyway, I sent a ticket to the mods so we’ll see what happens

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Mods said:

So I will do that.


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