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i am getting this error for no reason

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We are not able to help you without a link to the repl.


Hey @ManGotCodezz! Welcome to the community!

The Repl is showing this screen because it may be one of two things:

  1. The Repl may be using a lot of network resources/data transfers, which may cause Replit to think that a lot of people are using this Repl.
  2. It could simply be a glitch, be patient for the machine to resolve the issue on its own. If it takes too long, try contacting support and see if they are able to fix your problem.

Hey there, I am getting the same glitch. I am sharing my published website link with others but currently no one is on it but me. When I close my computer and open the link on my phone, that glitch appears.
Can you help?

Welcome to Ask @PhoebeEverest!

Dev URLs are only available when you are in the workspace. Please also make sure you are not going to your link, as they have been deprecated.

Can you please send a screenshot of the WebView tool that can be found in the Replit IDE? Also send us the link that you’re sent to when you press New Tab.

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Thank you. How do I change the URL from dev so that it is viewable at all times ? Many thanks

You would need to deploy your repl to get it available to others and get a domain, or connect a custom domain once you deploy it.