Repl turns down even if repl has a pro plan

Bug description:
When I leave the website where my repl is, it automatically turns down in like 5 minutes. The repl has a Pro plan that’s why I think it shouldn’t turn off just like that.

Expected vs Current Behavior:
Repl must be running until I stop it.
It automatically turns off in 5 minutes after leaving the website, or even without leaving

Steps to reproduce:
Your repl must have pro plan. Turn it on and just leave the website. I in 5 minutes it should stop.

Bug appears at this link: (might be private for some people)

Screenshot(s)/Screen Recording: I can’t because laptop can’t handle the recorder lag

Browser/OS/Device: Chrome for Windows 7

Replit Profile:

Hey @OptiFire!

What do you mean by ‘pro plan’? A Repl can’t have a subscription.

I’m going to assume you mean Always On. If so, then Always On is being deprecated, use Deployments as an alternative. See this post taking about Always On and Deployments:

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Oh sorry I am not replit professional It’s just my friend’s repl and he has a pro plan. He just invited me to his repl and only I code stuff there. I will ask him if his repl is “Always On”. Thanks.

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