Repl takes forever to load

Problem description:
I published my repl to template but it takes forever to load when someone visits it.

Expected behavior:
The runner keeps showing the loading animation, won’t load the image and the run button shows “Loading…” but never loads

Actual behavior:
When I click show files then the repl will load but won’t load if I keep waiting

Steps to reproduce:
To see the bug simply visit the repl and you’ll find the bug there

Bug appears at this link:
Here is the link of the repl with the problem

OS: Linux Mint 21.1
Browser: Brave

Thanks for reporting this issue, I’ve passed it along to the team.

Hi @MrSmiley01 , welcome to the forums! Sorry to hear that you are facing this issue. Maybe you could try to fork this repl and see if the forked repl works?